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Cimarron Frontier Doodles

I am excited to be included in a new Goldendoodle book! This book mentions Cimarron Frontier Doodles! And has a picture of one of our Doods. 




Welcome to Cimarron Frontier Doodles! We were formerly known as Carolinadoodles, but have moved from the Carolinas to the frontier of Oklahoma.

About Carolinadoodles/Cimarron frontier doodles:In 1999 I contacted Kate Schoeffel of Kate's Family pets, who began raising miniature labradoodles in Australia over a decade ago, and asked her a lot of questions about the labradoodles and artificially breeding the miniature doodles. She was a tremendous help as I began the process of being a doodle breeder. I also gained a lot of help from Blue Sterling of who was a great encouragement and support!

We raise miniature goldendoodles.

We are considering having a litter of miniatures in the spring of 2017.


If you are interested in our pups, please email me at


Updated 1.14.2015 

Our Dogs

Bunny has her OFA certification for EXCELLENT hips, OFA heart clearance, and CERF clearance for her eyes. She is a very sweet, smart dog, and is so willing to please. She is very obedient and can be trusted to come when called off leash. She is a very friendly dog and is not fearful or aggressive. She has very good house manners and should pass on these qualities to her offspring.


This is our goldendoodle, Bunny. Our family's joy.

Our dogs live in our home and can come and go via a doggy door to the outside.  Puppies are born in our home and raised here for several weeks. They receive lots of attention and love and kisses from our family and friends. We use Springtime Inc. products to improve the health of our dogs. We recommend their Bug Off Garlic and Longevity whole food formula or Fresh Factors.

We feed our dogs Honest Kitchen, Sojos, home cooked,  as well as a raw food diet.




Winston Pooh Bear is a miniature poodle. He is a brown and white parti and weighs 15 pounds. He has a wonderful personality and  has VWD, CBC, OFA good hips, and OFA good elbows, good knees, OFA normal cardiac, CERF normal eyes.. Excellent  health results! we are very proud to have him. :o) 

View our previous puppies at:  facebook/cimarronfrontier doodles http://carolinadoodles.wix/cimarronfrontier